News & Events

Future Development plans:

The school intends to:
· Build 5 classrooms so as to have 24 classrooms in the near future.
· Build a larger school hall to accommodate even bigger events and enable learners to assemble every morning before classes commences.
· Construct a science laboratory in order to enable learners to have more practical experience of the science subjects.
· Construct a library.
· All classrooms to be fitted with ceilings and floor tiles.
· Separate fence all the hostels within the bigger school yard.
· Introduce Computer Technology as an examination subject in 2014.

Estimated income and expenditure per year:

· Refer to audited statement (Attached Statements).
· Our main problem as a private school serving in deep rural communities is lack of funds, we are as a result not able to keep good teachers for long as they soon look for greener pastures.