About Us

St Peters Christian Combined School was established in 1998, this was prompted by government policy which left a vacuum. The government abolished the teaching of bible knowledge in public schools. Consequently, this opened an opportunity for people to open Christian orientated schools, hence the birth of this school as a way of catering for the Christian values and teachings.

The school started with an enrolment of 17 learners in grade 8 and three educators. In 1999, the school admitted learners in grade 1 to 9 and started operating from the church premises and then moved to a five room house. Two more educators were employed at the beginning of 1999 bringing the educator enrolment to five. Financial adversities formed part of St Peters Christian combined due to the lack of external financial sponsors except that the school had to rely upon learner’s school fees and donations from the society.

Construction on the school premises started in 1999, with a block of four classrooms. The school directors injected capital which was used to finance the construction of the school infrastructure. The construction was completed in one year. The school moved into the new site beginning of 2000. In 2002 despite the difficult financial position, the school managed to achieved 100% matric pass rate, there were only 8 students that formed part of the first matric class for St Peters Christian Combined School. The number of learners grew gradually from 17 to 36 in 1999, and then from there onwards the numbers increased slowly for the subsequent years. This presented a challenge to the school as we offered needy children the chance to learn for free, the school also employed a number of foreign educators. Number of learners started increasing and there was an enrolment of 148 learners in 2008 and we have seen an increase since then as per below statistics:

St Peters Christian Combined School students growth Statistics :-


In 2009, the school decided to build a hostel in order to accommodate kids from far. The construction of the hostel was completed beginning of 2010 and learners moved that same year.